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Every place on Earth has certain charm and appeal, which it owes to the people living there and to their deeds. This is also true for Kharkiv.

Kharkivites are not used to be sitting on their hands. They made their contribution to the space exploration program, to the improvement of farming methods and genetic research, they took part in the ascent at Everest, constructed military equipment - the legendary T-34, the best tank of World War II was created in Kharkiv as well as the first three dimensional radio-locator, they fought for human rights, conducted unique educational experiments. They developed cryogenic medicine and carried out microbiology studies pioneered by the Nobel Prize winner - Ilia Mechnikov who discovered the mechanism of immunity.
The beginning of nuclear era took place here in 1932 with the splitting of the nucleus at Kharkiv Physico-Technical Institute.

In the years of Ukraine's independence, they participated in conversion of defense industry, in reconstruction of light industry and heavy engineering, in development of communication systems and after all their entrepreneurial talents flourished and gave rise to the creation of private enterprises, small and medium businesses and joint ventures.

Kharkiv is a city which is open to the world. You can meet ex-Kharkivites anywhere on the globe. And quite likely they became successful in their new environment. Kharkiv became the sister city of Cincinnati, Nuremberg, Bologna, Poznan and many other cities in different countries.

We're confident our business partners will benefit from the wide-open opportunities of our region, today, tomorrow and in the future!
Why? Because we have a great track record of success, and because we're taking the initiative to continue that progress. Last year (2001), our region's economy grew an impressive 17%. And with special business tax benefits as well as exceptionally low operating costs, we expect future growth to be just as strong.   

What else is behind this growth? Our expanding markets as well as our established leadership in science and manufacturing form a solid foundation. Also important is what we've inherited from our Soviet history -- a high-potential workforce of well-educated people, a tradition of linking fundamental scientific research with the manufacturing process, a diverse economy, and experience with vertically integrated production methods. We have enjoyed our reputation as "the machine assembly shop", "the motor of scientific and technological progress" and "the bread basket" of the former Soviet Union.

Our transition from the control-and-command system of the Soviet years is now behind us and our recovery is well under way. We see it in the numbers. Virtually every sector of our economy is turning around - science, manufacturing, agriculture and business services. We see it in the increasing living standards of our people. We see it in the political stability we've been experiencing. We see it in the success stories of foreign investors who entered early into our now-fertile business environment.

And there are other positive signs. The United States government is supporting our development through its unprecedented Kharkiv Partnership program. Among other things, this program works on specific initiatives to improve our investment climate.

But perhaps the most important evidence is experience - the successes achieved by scores of companies from all over the world now operating in Kharkiv. Their success makes the Kharkiv region more and more attractive every business day.
Join our Kharkiv region partnership! Our time is now!
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