The Uspensky Cathedral 

The Uspensky (Assumption) Cathedral is situated at the central part of the University Hill. It is one of city's wonderful architectural monuments built in 1771-1777 in the style of Russian Baroque. To commemorate victory of Russian troops over Napoleon, architect Ye.Vasilyev designed a new bell tower built in 1821-1844. The gold-domed bell tower attracts attention with its simplicity, stateliness, and austere forms. This is the highest building in Kharkiv rising 89.5 meters tall. The bell tower has a chiming clock, whose melodious signal is heard hourly over the city.  
An organ has been installed in the cathedral and now it is also known as an organ music hall, hosting prominent Kharkiv and guest performers of chamber and organ music. Thanks to its good acoustics, the organ music hall is a popular concert venue for classical music performers and folklore groups.  
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