Glory Memorial

A stately Glory Memorial was unveiled in the Forest Park in 1977. It immortalizes the undying exploits of the Soviet people fighting the Nazism.

At this city's northern boundary, the Hitlerites executed tens of thousands of Soviet war prisoners, partisans, members of underground resistance, and patriots who had not submitted to the enemy.

Three memorial steles with lowered cast metal flags tell the story of Kharkivites' contribution in the Soviet people's battle with the hateful enemy.

The Kharkivites displayed unprecedented courage and heroism in battles with the nazis. 230 of our compatriots were given the title of the Hero of the Soviet Union, tens of thousands have been awarded with orders and medals.

Inscription on one of the steles reminds about those, whom the present and subsequent generation owe their lives: 186,306 Soviet soldiers died in the battles of Kharkiv.

A majestic stele at the center of the Memorial tells about the struggle, suffering, and joy of victory. A symbolic figure of Motherland stands nearby in mournful silence. The Eternal Flame burns at the foot of the sculpture. Gray granite bears gold lettering: "Heroes never die. They become immortal and stay forever in our memories, in our achievements, in great deeds of future generations. The progeny owe life to them". 

The Memorial was created by a team consisting of sculptors V.I.Agibalov, M.F.Ovsyankin, Ya.I.Ryk, artist S.G.Svetlorusov, architects E.Yu.Cherkasov, I.A.Alferov, and A.A. Maksymenko.

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