Our Skills

Experience with Unix family of operating systems (including Sun OS, Solaris, etc.), specifically BSD-like systems -FreeBSD/BSDI/NetBSD, including installation, maintenance and troubleshooting. Experience with Unix Internet server applications (sendmail, apache, bind, ftpd, Squid & cache hierarchy, MySQL, pop & imap servers).

Good knowledge of communication hardware and software: CISCO Routers, TCP/IP network configuration, synchronous and asynchronous modems, etc. Strong knowledge of Internet services, including DNS, routing protocols (BGP, OSPF, RIP, EIGRP), NFS, SLIP/PPP, SMTP, NNTP, HTTP, SNMP, X-Window.
Good knowledge of C, PERL, PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Assembly language, UNIX shell scripts, sed, awk, make and other languages and tools.
We have very strong and competent C/UNIX programmers. Internet routing and maintain for BGP peered, distributed network infrastructure of AS5592.


1.X-translators and emulators for PCs with special processors. Emulation of various processors on IBM PC aimed at the development of software to be written in microchips. Areas of application: microprocessor software production.
2. Software development for various automation tasks. Creation of interfaces between sensors providing electrical signals and application programs on IBM PC or UNIX systems using assembly language and C. Areas of application: Pressure chamber monitor and control systems, other experimental equipment at the Institute of Low temperature Physics and Engineering.
3. Turnkey solutions for the remote access to databases on any platform with custom made graphics interfaces. Javascript handling on the client side and choice of scripting tools on the server side including PERL, PHP, ASP, etc. Choice of databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL, mSQL, Access
Dynamic Web design using JAVASCRIPT and FLASH technologies.
4. With e-commerce it is sometimes preferable to sell software packages developed by a partner programming group rather than doing it all over again. Although we can do everything here ourselves if necessary using any alternative technique.

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