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ISP in Ukraine who in March 1993 started to use TCP/IP, the tele-communications protocol that made the internet technology the world's standard of networking

Concom Ltd. is the leading ISP in Kharkov, Ukraine. We have been in the telecommunications business since 1991. At that time were the first provider in the city of Kharkov to offer internet services commercially.

The company is a small business. Among the principals of the company are 3 PhD's and several programmers who came from the computing center of the Institute of Low Temperatures and Engineering of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences. On certain projects we collaborate with other programming groups and if needed we can quickly obtain more programmers in addition to the programmers on the staff working for our company full or part time.

The company has its principal location at Kharkov Telegraph and Telephone Station and two more offices downtown. Most of our telecommunications equipment is located at the central PTT where we have access to fiber optic, radio relay and satellite communication channels.

Normally the software development process follows the defined procedure that includes project requirements assessment, working up a project plan, application specifications, design overview, implementation plan, quality assurance, revision control and documentation process. If needed program management can be carried out in English as the English language is a must for those working with our group and we always provide maintenance for software that we develop.

We have full access to conventional type equipment like PC's, routers, switches, bridges, etc. More sophisticated equipment and expensive software can be purchased if needed to meet the requirements of a larger project.

The delivery capabilities are based on our high bandwidth access to the internet. The interpersonal communications and intermediate status reports are done routinely or on a daily basis if needed.

The software documentation can be provided in English as some of our principals have a good command of the English language, both spoken and written, and we also collaborate with a professional translator and can use his services any time when necessary.

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