Our most comprehensive work is the site for Kharkiv and Kharkiv region. The Russian version of the site is very extensive and links to several databases like Kharkiv Daily News, Classified Ads, Kharkiv Enterprises, etc. The "Daily News" database has a secure (network password required) html interface and several news agencies enter information to the database remotely. As soon as the form data is sent the title of the news shows up at the home page on reload. A web catalog database of URL's of Kharkiv origin is also present. There is also IRC chat where folks can unite and discuss Kharkiv issues.
  A search engine which searches just the Kharkiv web is also incorporated to the city server.
  The English version of the Kharkiv site has the same structure (see the site map) and features the most important database Products and Services by Kharkiv Enterprises which allows to search for a specific product or service. There are a few stand alone sites in the constellation like - the theatres' site where one can see what plays and performances are currently on in Kharkiv. The repertory for the current month and a map which tells how to get to a specific theatre is available here. Unfortunately there is no ticket booking service implemented. There is no problem to set up such service in terms of programming. But the theatres in Ukraine being on a very thrifty budget for the last ten years are not ready for it yet. - same for movie theatres in Kharkiv.
  However, our most interesting reference which you can see on the net is This is an interactive electronic map of Kharkiv Try it. This project is a quite sophisticated mixture of vector graphics, vector databases, C++, Perl and PHP scripting put in a html envelope. Here all information (over 90 000 houses, about 2500 streets) is stored in vector form and when one clicks the mouse gif image is generated on the fly depending on the mouse location on the user's screen.
This work was done jointly with Spaero firm, the major mapping agency in Kharkiv and it is the best interactive map in the country as it referred to at - the all Ukrainian passenger bus service site which lists all known maps for Ukrainian cities including a few interactive ones.
  Take a look at This is a simple day planner on the web. However it is somewhat tricky inside because it keeps track of different time zones .
  There are a few more examples of our web design done for Kharkiv customers - a truck delivery company a Kharkiv motel - Sahaja Yoga site.
  Our other references are "not visible". This was custom programming for research institutes and factories.
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